"LE.DI.L.E.O : Learning from a Distance Learning from the Others"

2nd Reunion : Portugal, Lisbon , Porto de Mos - June 2017

1rst Reunion : Austria, Graz, Lannach - May 2016

1rst European prize on video competition INSAFE 2012: “Connecting Generations”

source:music: Konstantinos BHTA: Two

Even it was a pre-planned project by teachers, pupils achieved to improve skills and mainly motivation, so that to expand their project with more activities off-line, on-line than those we have planned and expected initially.
They created extra pages concerning learning fields about Animals, Colors, Food, Plants, Shapes, Body.
Extra page presenting favorite original GAMES pupils created in the classroom and another miscellaneous page including video about e-safety:Connecting Generations which was awarded with the 1rst European Prize by INSAFE during their International Annual Conference in Larnaca, Cyprus May 2012:http://www.saferinternetday.org/web/guest/winners2012